The most famous in the world, according to Forbes, is Chiara Ferragni who earns 52,000 euros per post. Her modern tale has been “read” and studied everywhere, to the point that today there is Spain Phone Number List a constant increase of young people who would like to take the same path, that of the influencer . Long gone are the times when this figure was viewed with perplexity by traditional entrepreneurs and the people of the Net, it is currently thought that the opinion leader of social media is a true professional of the digital age, even if the generation gap, at times, remains an obstacle.

The intention to buy depends on the influencer

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The influencer is a person who manages to direct the market , thanks to what he does or what he says on his blog and on the social profiles he uses every day. Through word of mouth, or rather through sharing, the influencer reaches thousands, sometimes millions. Of people, influencing not only their purchases, with great interest from brands, but also lifestyles and opinions .

One might think that an influencer is simply in the pay of a company and that, based on requests. He publishes or sponsors an article. It is not so. Unlike the testimonial , which plays a well-defined part in advertising where it uses. For example, one telephone operator instead of another. As Bruce Willis and Patrick Dempsey did with Vodafone – the opposite happens for influencers.

Based on personal tastes, the products he is fond of or prefers to wear. According to his preferences in catering, whether traditional or ethnic, companies are looking for an influencer who could be right for them.

Rudy Bandiera explains the difference between influencer and testimonial

How to become a leader?

Already in the 1940s there was talk of opinion leaders , people Email Lead active in the media. Capable of conveying a message to a specific target, in order to change their decisions. These pioneers were different from today’s professionals in the means they used and in their development of personal branding , which was not based on becoming an influencer.