Pre-holiday mailings

New Year’s promotions can start from the first days of December. Run early Christmas sales and send related mailings. By doing this, you will warm up the interest of subscribers in advance for upcoming promotions for the New Year and Christmas.

But, if you haven’t started your New Year’s advertising campaign yet, don’t worry. You are not late. Most of the inhabitants of the globe are stocking up on gifts at the very last moment. Therefore, it is quite normal to start a massive marketing campaign 2 weeks before the holidays.

New Year’s Eve messages can be sent in the form of wish lists or gift shopping guides. These are approximately the same letters, but with a different presentation of information.

The Allo store offers customers to use their guide to search for gifts and not rack their brains. 

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Use your wishlists to remind you of the upcoming holiday and show your customers products that will interest them based on past purchases. If they haven’t bought anything from you, choose Remind in each letter a different type of segmentation to offer the types of goods that are relevant to them – by gender, age, geolocation, etc.

The gift guide also takes the form of a list of products that are appropriate to offer customers based on their interests. But in this case, tell us in more detail who they are suitable for. Give your followers ideas of what to give their loved ones for the upcoming holidays. A good idea is to make a selection of products in different price categories.

Portal in its letter made the choice of gifts very simple and understandable. 

Come up with an unusual sale, such Remind in each letter as a night sale. It is Benin Phone Number List interesting to beat her, as the Foxtrot store did. The letter says that the gifts that you will give at night can also be bought at night. And as a bonus – delivery for 1 UAH.

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New Year Campaign

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Once you’ve warmed up your subscribers with pre-holiday emails, it’s time to bombard them with overt sales emails. Offer Christmas promotions. Provide customized discounts for products that customers have already expressed interest in but for some reason did not buy. In this case, you do not need to restrain yourself. Because competitors are doing the same.

Remind in each letter how many days are left until the New Year and you Email Lead need to have time to buy gifts. Show yourself as a reliable partner – specify in detail the conditions and terms of delivery, taking into account the pre-holiday hype. When a client has to place an order so that the gift is under his Christmas tree at the right time.

Take an example from Aliexpress, they know a lot about sales.