At our peak we had up to 5 different Product Excellence writing groups , so the amount of content we were putting out weekly was quite significant. Organization It is a pretty good structure and it gave us very good results at the time; Today we continue to maintain the same structure, but we have reduced the number of writers per group and right now we only have 3 writing groups . You can do more or less the same thing, adding or removing people as you see fit. For example, I have a specific group that does not have a team leader or a word researcher and I am in charge of doing those two jobs.

comfortable but trying Product Excellence to delegate as much as possible

I do it this way for projects that are especially important to category email list me, such as this one that I am talking about on my blog . In this case, as in almost everything, there is no perfect recipe, you should simply do it as you feel most comfortable but trying to delegate as much as possible the tasks that involve the creation of the niches. As we grew and the niches were generating more and more money, we realized that by then and for the niches we were doing (Call to Click mega niches for procedures) quantity was much more important than quality .

Maintain the same structure, but we have reduced

We produced a fairly significant Email Lead amount of content, which, although it was not of TOP quality, at the time was more than enough to rank and generate money. Scale what gives you the best results climbIn our case, we obtained the best results when we produced significant amounts of content week after week. We monitored the quality a little, but honestly today I think that those contents were a little bad but if I had to go back in time, I think I would have done the same thing again .