Delegate what? Delegate EVERYTHING. This was one Join the of the great lessons of this entire path of niche creation. When we started delegating almost the entire niche creation process, revenue went through the roof . As I told you when I started this article, before it was me breaking down the niches one by one, article by article trying to have almost everything perfect: writing, conversion elements, intelinking, etc. And although that approach can be great and has surely given excellent results to many, in my case the results were good but I couldn’t go to the next level.

Drafting Content review Join the Publishing and layout of articles

In principle, almost all of us start by delegating industry email list the writing of the content and then from then on our work as nichers begins touching everything else, but we went one step further and tried to delegate the entire process: Keyword research Drafting Content review Publishing and layout of articles The only thing we didn’t delegate was researching the new niches we were going to do and link building (back then we did do it). Because these two tasks are more important and delicate, we prefer not to delegate them. How do we start to delegate it.

Team Leader Ten Editors The content creation

I stole this idea from a Venezuelan Email Lead colleague who is also a nichero, I think he has had the most brutal writing group I have ever seen, having more than 100 editors on the payroll making content simultaneously week after week . We started with a group of 12 people that was distributed as follows: A keyword researcher A Team Leader Ten Editors The content creation process was quite simple: I gave the researcher the topic that was going to be talked about, that person researched the keywords to attack, the team leader assigned and then reviewed the content of his writers. We called that group of workers a “writing group”, then to continue growing we simply added more writing groups whenever we could .