New post draft canva in hootsuite composer weve even got free canva social media templates to get you starte. . Create a quick start kit whether you decide to manage your franchisees accounts with hootsuite or have them manage their own. A social media quick start kit can help. Your kit could include: recommende social platforms to use. Naming practices e.g. Brandnamecityname to keep branding consistent. Brand guidelines. A basic one-pager covering social media marketing goals and expectations. Links to where you keep update copies of brand guidelines. Strategy documents. Assets. And other items theyll regularly refer to. Tutorial videos showing how to set up social accounts. Add logos.

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Scheule posts and/or submit posts for approval. Etc. Recommendations on how often to post. Plus anything else you want franchisees to know right away about how your company does social media marketing. . Build a social customer service strategy as mentione earlier. Your customers expect to get good service from your franchisees social media profiles. But how do you: ensure all franchisees are providing the same caliber of customer service? Set response time benchmarks? Measure customer satisfaction? Build authentic relationships with customers? Surprise: the business database answer is hootsuite. Yep. Hootsuite inbox . Is here with all-new features to make social customer service easy and effective for your franchisees:

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Unifie inbox: branches can see and respond to dms and comments across all their social platforms inside hootsuite. Instead of having to log into platforms individually. / service: night owl customer? No problem. You can setup autoresponders to assure customers youve receive their inquiry and when they can expect to hear back from you. This is especially helpful outside of business hours. Time-saving tools Email Lead auto-filter messages. Save custom replies. And view cross-channel message history so your customer doesnt have to re-explain themselves. Smart chatbots: nee to provide customer service at scale? Harness the power of ai to solve customer problems instantly with adaptive. Conversational chatbots.