Numbers, views, frequencies, statistics, graphs, insights, words. We know it well, today we are “literally” overwhelmed by data. Like never before, companies have an incredible amount of information UK Phone Number List flowing and arriving continuously from social media, the web, our smartphones, online conversations. By Let’s start from a definition a simple click of the mouse. And which constitute a precious resource, an incredible “database” made up of stories, relationships, meanings, messages and infinite communication possibilities. This is why it is important for companies to know how to tell themselves (also) through data. Insert them into a “story”, a narration that knows how to persuade and convey emotions to those who benefit from it. How? With data storytelling.So let’s talk about this, including social media monitoring as a key tool for a successful marketing strategy.

Data storytelling: a definition and some key concepts

Let’s start from a definition provided to us by the data service :

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“Literally, it means telling a story through data. Concretely, however, data storytelling consists in reading among hundreds, thousands, millions of pieces of data, exploring the relationships between them, finding significant patterns and, through data visualization, telling them in such a way as to provide significant information that can guide decisions, choices , shares”.

Data storytelling is therefore not a simple collection Let’s start from a definition of data. It is not simply an aggregation of this data into visual sequences, into images, into audiovisual media. Data storytelling is a structured approach, a narrative methodology , which is used by companies to know and communicate useful insights through the combination of three key elements: data, images and narration.

Data storytelling, therefore, means transforming data into Email Lead memorable, personalized and impactful content, easily usable, to convey significant information and create an immersive experience through storytelling techniques. With data storytelling, data is transformed into words, into campaigns, into events, into stories.

What it takes to do data storytelling