Strategic sales management is an increasingly recurrent subject in large corporations, given the increase in competition and the high level of demand from customers and business processes. Larger companies understood the need to adopt planning tactics to project growth and consolidate themselves in the market. Something that is being assimilated little by little by medium-sized companies, according to a survey carried out by Falconi consultancy, with 100 Brazilian corporations, with annual revenues between R$ 4.8 million and R$ 300 million. According to the study: 10% declared having a well-defined strategy, for a period of three to five years, with a vision, mission, objectives.

Goals defined for the development of the business

Said they do not have medium and long-term actions, but recognize that investing in sales management and building a high- performance team is paramount. But how does this managerial strategy work in the sales sector ? How to plan and Biotechnology Email List manage a commercial team with results, quality service, differentiated sales and acting to achieve business objectives and strengthen the company? Before approaching the importance, benefits and knowing how to build strategic commercial management , it is necessary to understand the meaning of this set of sales management practices, capable of increasing your company’s revenue significantly and profitably.

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What is strategic sales management

Strategic management , by definition, is a set of practices and objectives that a company lists, aiming at the growth and robustness of the business, through a planned management of its financial, productive and human resources. Applied to the sales environment, strategic management means, according to the book “Introduction to Email Lead Administration”, by Peter Drucker: “[…] to transform your business idea into real value for all the organization’s stakeholders through an action plan that includes objectives and goals that lead the company to profitability, competitiveness and market survival”. In other words, for the “father of modern management”, strategic sales management is the ability to turn ideas into action, focusing on results, for the success of the company and everyone involved.