At the basis of data storytelling there are, of course, data. Even before being analyzed, the data must be collected correctly , ” cleaned” and verified , so that they come only from reliable and authoritative sources. This is why it is important to always rely on professionals and companies that deal with the collection, measurement and monitoring of data, such as Eco della Stampa.

Once collected , the data must be studied in the light of the audience we want to address and the communication strategy we want to implement : who am I talking Influencers engagement to? What profile does my public and my interlocutors have? In fact, focusing attention on your audience helps you understand which topics to Belgium Phone Number List focus on, which tools and channels to use, which tone of voice or creative register to use. And again: What are the messages, the insights, that emerge from my analysis? Which of these will be useful for my purpose?Data interpretation is the phase that allows us to build the foundations of our narrative, to create relationships and points of contact between the various insights that have emerged and to identify key messages consistent with our communication strategy, to set up a real narrative structure of our story.

Here are some useful readings to deepen data storyelling:

F abio Piccigallo, Data storytelling. Learn to transform your Influencers engagement analyzes into a narrative that anyone can understand;

Brent Dykes, Effective Data Storytelling ;

Social metrics useful for data storytelling

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Influencers, engagement, emerging topics, surveys, statistics, keywords. Today social media offer an infinite amount of data that it is advisable to know how to read and interpret in order to build effective and successful stories. Let’s look at some of them, identified by Meltwater:

  • Engagement rate: measures the level of popularity of a content , the interaction and engagement of a post. It tells user sentiment, the interests of a specific community and allows you to identify. Which are the elements that influence and animate online conversations in a given moment or historical period.
  • Keywords clouds: “word clouds” are useful for Influencers engagement identifying what the public is discussing, keywords, buzzwords related to a topic of conversation, the correlations that can emerge with respect to an event or happening.
  • Demographic data: demographic statistics on users are Email Lead essential data for any marketing strategy, because they help you define personas and better understand interests, behaviors and cultural backgrounds. Demographic data, depending on the social network we analyze, can in fact concern age, gender, income, level of education, geographical origin. Here you will find more information on the subject.