The services of Eco della Stampa for social media monitoring

Eco Social, the social media monitoring service offered by Truly identifying competitors Eco della Stampa , is perfect for companies that want to track mentions of brands, competitors, products and topics on social media and acquire useful data for a data storytelling strategy.

Once upon a time we always and only called them ” competition “, but what are we talking about when we say ” competitor “?
And what is meant by Competitive Intelligence ?
Let’s take it one step at a time.
competitor , in general, is a company or a single competitor with respect to ours.
This means that it places itself in our same market share, offers similar products or services to the same reference target, and satisfies the same needs.
Identifying and knowing how Truly identifying competitors to conduct an in-depth Brazil Phone Number List and safe analysis of your competitors is therefore essential: everything is based on in-depth knowledge of the brandto set up regular market surveys with which to identify and study the work of competitors .

Types of competitors and how to recognize them

Are you sure you know how to recognize them?

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Truly identifying competitors is not always a trivial activity: limiting yourself to the best-known brands or ignoring some apparently secondary or too “young” players are common mistakes.
To recognize them and better prepare for a more in-depth analysis ( benchmarking ), let’s start with the basic distinction into three categories.

  1. Direct competitors : companies whose Truly identifying competitors product overlaps its own by type. For this reason, they are easier to spot
  2. Indirect competitors : companies that offer valid Email Lead alternatives to our products, responding to the same need of the target, but which could operate in different market sectors
  3. Potential Competitors : Companies that do not currently sell a competitor ‘s product , but, given some assumptions, may do so in the future

Recognizing the three types sufficiently to be able to distinguish between them will allow us not to end up among subordinate competitors , who generally sell less than the dominant competitors in the sector.