The front represents the fill color . The back represents the stroke color). Changing-color-manually-in-illustrator you can navigate the color picker as you would in any graphics program . Or indicate the color coordinates in hexadecimal code ( hex  . For the web) in rgb  . Or . If you work for printing . In cmyk (the percentages of ink for four-color ). In our basic illustrator course we explain what these color spaces are and how to quickly work with shortcuts to change the color of your illustrations.Or . Imagine having to completely change the mood of a design (a logo) and you want to see which color combinations best respond to this new need.


How to recolor an entire illustration

 Hsl-color-picker-in-adobe-illustrator however . Proceeding in africa email list this way is quite tedious and could take a long time . In particular when you have very complex illustrations made up of groups and subgroups or multiple levels. So how do you quickly change the color of an entire illustration in one go? We suggest the “recolor graphics” option found in the options bar! How to recolor an entire illustration in one go in adobe illustrator? What happens when you want to completely change the colors of an entire illustration perhaps following a color palette provided to you by a client or you simply want to experiment with a new color palette on an illustration to see the effect it has? 


Taking as a starting point a color palette

In all these cases it is more useful to proceed Email Lead with the recolor graphics function located at the top of the options bar . Rather than taking the paint bucket or proceeding by double clicking on each path of the illustration. Where-to-find-the-recolor-graphics-function in-adobe-illustrator with the graphic recolor function you can completely recolor an illustration . Or part of it  . Taking as a starting point a color palette that you have previously saved . Or directly choose a group of colors from an image (called a theme) that you have inserted in the file and which you will take as a source of inspiration.