Let’s look at both procedures. Recolor graphics is a function that you can find extensively with examples in our adobe illustrator specialist course . Save a color palette to use to recolor a graphic: if you want to save a color palette to use to recolor a graphic you will have to: select the elements that have the colors you are interested in (perhaps by copying and pasting them from another file) go up to the options bar (on the left where you find the fill swatch) click the folder icon to add colors to your file.

Recolor a graphic with a saved color

Saving-a-new-color-group-in-adobe-illustrator once you have europe email list added the colors to a folder these colors will always be available in the file where you saved them . Alternatively . You could also add them to a cc creative cloud library and therefore always have them available for the future. Cc libraries are explored in our advanced illustrator course . Recolor a graphic with a saved color palette now select the drawing whose colors you want to change and go to the top of the options bar and select the recolor graphics option.


You can also explore the different

 Recolor-a-graphic-advanced-options in the standard version Email Lead of recolor you will find a color wheel where the colors currently in use and the relative quotas (i.e. The percentages used in your drawing by those colors) are indicated. Click the option: advanced option at the bottom and you will be able to choose a new color palette; and it is here that you will select the palette you previously saved. Recolor-a-graphic-by-choosing-a-saved-color-palette otherwise . You can also explore the different combinations and different color quotas by turning the color wheel to see the effect it has.