There are concepts within CX that have allowed the creation. And application of the strategy to ensure results. what is generated after applying everything mentioned. And that supports the viability of the strategy in general. These concepts form a value chain, connecting aspects such as emotions. Which were previously considered “intangible”, with business factors such as profitability. Key Concepts the perceptions that customers have about the brand, which determine how they will develop a relationship with it.

Key Concepts Unforgettable Experience is Not Offered

Taking into account the results of job function email list a Temkin Group study. Which reflect that leading companies in Customer Experience have a 16% commercial advantage over those that do not apply it. It is clear that it is a great risk to omit this concept. Therefore, below we are going to show you those opportunities that you. May miss and problems that you would face if you do not take Customer Experience into account in your business. And those are just some of the risks that exist when not. Focusing on offering a Customer Experience that guarantees positive emotions in the minds of users .

Characteristics of a Customer Experience Strategy

In order to provide the customer Email Lead with a pleasant experience. It is necessary to take the following steps to differentiate yourself from the rest. Study and analyze the different interactions that your brand has with its audience. We talk about reactions, comments, actions, behaviors and opinions . This way you will discover what they value about your brand, what they. Consider important about the service and what changes they would make to improve their experience.