This relationship with the final goal will enrich our soul, then we will believe in the afterlife and be productive.

If we believe that there is life after death, then it is logical that we will ensure that our productivity is in line with the rewards in the afterlife.

However, if this does not happen, it means that we do not think much about it.

Heaven is our birthplace because it is where Adam was created and lived

Al-Quran relates by stating:

And we said: “O Adam! Stay you and your wife Database in paradise, and eat from its food to your heart’s content whatever you both like, and do not approach this tree; (if you approach him) then you will be among the wrongdoers.

However, Adam and his wife disobeyed God’s instructions and ate fruit from the forbidden tree.

So they were sent down to the world (even after they were forgiven), as a test for them and their children, to see who is worthy to return to heaven and be blessed with God’s love.

Unfortunately, we have forgotten about this story.

We live in the world as if we will live forever.

In fact, if we talk about the afterlife, we will be looked at strangely by others.

Whereas by realizing that there is an afterlife doomsday and eternal life in


Heaven or hell, it becomes an effective motivation for anyone who Email Lead really wants a productive way of life.

Even the Prophet SAW has taught us that a person will be asked about five things on the Day of Judgment:

Wealth is how it is earned and spent.
If we think about these five questions, they are all linked to productivity:

Are We Productive With Our Knowledge. And Use It Well?
Are We Productive With Our Young. Lives by Serving the Community. Or Wasting It by Playing Video Games?
Are We Productive With Our Money. Whether It is Obtained. From Good Sources and Spent Properly?
The focus here is the hereafter which is the driver of the balance between our roles.