Easy Tips to Read and Memorize Effectively

How to read and memorize the Quran so that it is easy to remember?

This article will share with you practical tips on how to read and memorize the Quran productively.

In other words, it has been tested by effective and proven.

Let’s take a look at these tips:

Advantages of memorizing the Quran
Al-Quran has become the center of the lives of our predecessors ( center of our predecessors lives ).

Their priority is to memorize and study the Qur’an, before they start other studies.

Great scholars from the heyday of Islam such as Ibn Sina and Ibn Rushd began their studies by memorizing the Qur’an.

This may be the secret to their success in the field of science and technology

Al-Quran not only develops their relationship with Latest Mailing Database God spiritually, but also improves the relationship of brain cells and increases their focus.

In an article by Mohamed Gihlan , a Muslim neuroscientist, he mentioned how studying the Quran can help improve brain functions.

He concludes that:

By putting all this together, from a historical point of view, it is not surprising that the early Muslims were able to make a great contribution to human knowledge in a relatively short time.

After a student has mastered the Qur’an, his studies in other fields of science also begin as early as adolescence. Because the brain is malleable, improved connections in one part of the brain will indirectly affect other areas of the brain.

Now imagine what such individuals are capable of doing if they study any branch of knowledge

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The process of learning the Qur’an in the previous Email Lead years has trained his brain to improve its functions related to visual perception, language, working memory, memory formation, sound processing, attention, learning skills, self-control and planning; just to mention a few things.

So, it makes sense how someone like Imam al-Ghazali studied Greek philosophy in his spare time and was able to master it in just two years1

Al-Quran is the greatest spiritual guidance book for a Muslim.

I always imagined how my life would be without the Quran.

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