Our spirit is what makes us human.

Without it, we have no value.

Science focuses on the physical aspects of the body even though it is the spirit that is the greater driver of productivity than the physical body.

Spirit is always ignored because we live in the belief of modern society which basically believes,

If you can’t touch it feel it smell it see it hear it then it doesn’t exist

Allah says in the Qur’an:

And they ask you about the spirit Say The spirit is from Phone Number List the affairs of my Lord; and you are not given knowledge except a little”.

Although God doesn’t talk much about the spirit, He explains a lot about how to empower it.

Islam is the Only Religion That Offers. A Practical and Balanced System. Between Feeding the Soul and Fulfilling. The Body’s Needs.
From Praying Five Times a Day to Fasting During Ramadan. Islam Has an Action Plan to Empower. Our Spirit While Encouraging. Us to Engage in This Modern World.

In the Book 7 Habits of Highly. Effective People. Steven Covey States a Habit. Which is “Start With the End Goal in Mind”.

This relationship with the final goal will enrich our soul, then we will believe in the afterlife and be productive.

As a Muslim the ultimate goal is simply our afterlife

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If we believe that there is life after death, then it is logical Email Lead that we will ensure that our productivity is in line with the rewards in the afterlife.

However, if this does not happen, it means that we do not think much about it.

Heaven is our “birthplace” because it is where Adam was created and lived for the first time.

Al-Quran relates by stating:

And we said: “O Adam! Stay you and your wife in paradise, and eat from its food to your heart’s content whatever you both like, and do not approach this tree; (if you approach him) then you will be among the wrongdoers.