All the advantages for your brand

There are many virtuous examples of digital communities linked to brands which are the result. It should already be underlined, of a careful community marketing strategy , created ad hoc to encourage the growth of the company.

The care of a community around the brand, in fact, allows above Italy Phone Number List all to increase the degree of customer loyalty . And grow their number. Community members also become promoters themselves, according to the mechanisms of word of mouth and trust.

Your values ​​highlighted

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A second advantage is the opportunity to share with your target not only information relating to your services and products, but also the values ​​or faces of the people who make up the company. The Internet allows you to feel closer. Make users feel important, as members of a community, and transform them into promoters and ambassadors of your reality. In fact, a consequence of an effective community marketing action is the expansion of the target .

Word of mouth and virtuous relationships
Online relationships are made up of conversations, so communities are ideal virtual places for listening. The company has the invaluable opportunity to understand what people need, like and don’t. And how they envision the development of specific services or products.

An interesting case study, in this sense, is Netflix Italia’s relationship with its social communities. On Twitter, in particular, the account stimulates conversations, takes an interest in the tastes and Email Lead moods of followers – whether they are already users of the platform or not. A useful tool for community management is the social media monitoring proposed by L’Eco della Stampa. The ideal service for understanding how people talk about you online and which therefore allows you to intervene and make your voice heard .

Starbucks is another example of a brand that is very attentive to online conversations. So much so that he often replies or interacts with users, even if they mention him without tagging the official profiles.