For the 2019 european elections, take care of your image with instagram. Political communication, european elections after the summer break start planning your campaign. The 2019 european elections are just under a year away. There is still enough time for your election campaign. It’s summer and you rightly have the right to holidays and well-deserv rest. Immiately afterwards get to work and start putting together. The various pieces of the political strategy to follow for your electoral campaign. The 2019 european elections are a very important milestone.  For you as a candidate, but also for the citizens who will have to vote. 

To open an Instagram profile you need a winning strategy

In this article I want to talk to you about instagram, a very important channel to monitor.  To take care of your image and tell people about yourself. Why use instagram in the 2019 european elections instagram is the social platform.  Us to share photos and new database short videos, which boom in 2017, attracting even younger people. It is the social network where everything visual is successful. Such as fashion, food or tourism. What does politics have to do with all this? Isn’t facebook already there to share political content? I’ll ask you a question: when you don’t know a person. But want to get information, do you ever search for their profile on facebook or instagram? 

Google Search Console a tool for doing SEO

Seeing a person in their daily life, reading . What they write or how they respond to comments is a quick, albeit partial, way to get an idea of that person. In an electoral campaign , instagram serves precisely this: to give an image of you and tell people.  About you. Be the narrator of your story . You Email Lead know well that, if you stand for the 2019 european elections, . Your private life will be search and you will be in the spotlight. Don’t wait for others to talk about you. Tell your story, who you are, what work you do and what you have done in the past. Use all channels to talk about yourself and what you think is most important to convey to your voters.