What tools should you use to monitor the progress of a website? Analytics, google analyze and improve the performance of your website. Are you planning to make a website or do you have one and . Are wondering if there is a way to audit the site and verify its results? Monitoring the performance of a website is possible! In fact, there are tools that analyze the site and give a lot of information . On what visitors do on our site or on what google does. With these tools you can know, for example, the position of your site . On search engines or know how many visitors there are to the site and which pages are most view. 

Data to monitor with Search Console

Google analytics and search console.  Two unmissable tools let me immiately introduce you to google . Analytics and search console, two free tools widely us to monitor . The performance of a website and collect new data a lot of data to analyze, to . Understand whether the website is working well or not, carry . Out target marketing and improve the your digital marketing strategy . Google analytics is a service launch by google in 2005 for web analytics.  Which consists of collecting and analyzing data from a website. Search console, previously call google webmaster tool, is a suite.  That google creat in 2010, us by webmasters to monitor organic traffic, improve a site.

Search Console and Analytics two complementary tools

Positioning on search engines and identify any issues that affect indexing. To access the tools you just ne to have a gmail account analytics and search.  Console are two easy-to-access tools: all you ne is a gmail account ! After typing google Email Lead analytics or search console in the browser address.  Bar and being rirect to one of the two pages, simply proce to log in, using your gmail user and password. You will then enter the control panel of one of the two tools and be able to access all the functions. If entering analytics and search console is quite simple.  The same cannot be said for managing the two platforms, which are quite complex! To understand.