Effective company website: 5 ideas to choose from business websites.  You ne clear ideas to open a website. For an entrepreneur today it is very important to have an effective company website! The website is a huge advantage, but to start off on the right foot you ne to have clear ideas about “Why” to open a website! An entrepreneur doesn’t necessarily have to have a company website. Because everyone has one or just to be online, but because he is clear about the.  Business objectives he wants to achieve and has a marketing strategy to follow! Only in this way will the effective company website become.  A launching pad for the company, thanks to web marketing tools! What is your business model and what are your goals?

What is your business model and what are your goals?

 To decide what your site should look like.  Think back to your business model and what your business objectives are. Do you have a physical store and would like to start selling online? Do you want to start a new business and are you thinking about e-commerce? Is your main goal to get latest database new contacts and leads, make money through advertising or increase sales? Bas on the answers you can give yourself, you will find the website that best suits your nes. In the meantime, we offer you some ideas for effective company websites. Website for lead generation . Do you have a business that provides services and do you always ne new contacts.  Create an effective website, orient towards lead generation .  With which to generate traffic and acquire new contacts. 

E-commerce site if your goal is to sell online

With the website you will attract people interest in your products and services.  If you provide unique and free content to exchange with users’ private data, such as.  The email address or telephone number. It will take a good job of content marketing and subsequently email marketing to conver.  The contacts Email Lead obtain into future customers. The basis from which to start is a very in-depth knowlge of your buyer. Personas, which will help you to create and share “People-catcher” content on your site or blog. E-commerce site if your goal is to sell online . If your goal is to sell online, invest in an e-commerce to sell products and services. You will be able to choose between different e-commerce . Platforms such as magento, woocommerce or prestashop.  Unless you decide to start a marketplace or dropshipping.