Now, it seems that The keys anyone can define themselves as a community manager . This is. Therefore, causing the average social management of certain companies to invite us to put our hands on our heads. Many people. Therefore, are encouraged, click on the “create a page” button and… Your company is now on Facebook! And they believe that all their friends will automatically become fans.

Then their friends, and then The keys friends of friends

And so on until thousands The keys of users are fans of your mechanical category email list workshop or flower shop. Although this statement seems. Therefore, unreal, it has been told to me in the first person. Any community manager, when they first start managing a Facebook page, is faced with the question: “What now?” I have attended different courses and none of them explain exactly how to energize a Facebook page . Therefore, there is no choice but to be interested. Therefore, in learning, know how to observe and analyze what leaders do and be cautious so that our mistakes.

Which we are sure to make, are as few as possible

Tips for effectively managing a Email Lead company page on Facebook Based on my experience of a few years managing fan pages on different themes: Plátano de Canarias, Naranjas Fontestad, Anecoop… or even that of my own neighborhood, Benicalap; I summarize here a series of tips that can surely help any community manager. Post regularly. At least 3 times a week. A good option to plan is to use the scheduling option offered by Facebook.