“Suite Travel is a  benefit company – argues Marabotto – we have given it this cut, because we believe that respect for nature is fundamental when doing business. Slow journeys of wonders are the product, but we also offer cruises and classic tourism, providing for less use of the paper catalogue, online payments, with an eye to the environment”.

An Academy to train travel agents

Another project in the pipeline by Giada and Antonella, the creation of a training center for tourism professionals. “Suite Travel is designing an Academy for those who want to undertake a targeted path Cameroon Phone Number List and update themselves on a monthly basis, so as to maximize performance. Today Another project in there are already workshops and lessons on the tourism product, through tourism organizations and specific tour operators; very often the expert travel agent knows the world and the structures he sells well. In our opinion, the sore point sometimes concerns marketing , web presence , sales techniques . We have to start again from here too!”.

Reopening within reach of smartphones

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Again according to TheFork, out of a sample of 13,000 Italians, over half (59%) appreciate the possibility of  reserving outdoor tables , while 50% of users are attentive to  online communication of the prevention measures implemented. The presence of the  digital menu also affects the choice of restaurant , important for 39% of the interviewees. Just as the reviews dedicated to the anti-Covid regulations (30%) prove to be useful. The possibility of  paying from apps  without contact with the waiter is now a must (22%).

Lunchmio.it, the 100% online restaurant

The digital entrepreneur Paolo Paiola is the founder of Lunchmio.it , an entirely virtual venue, which offers home delivery lunches in the city of Verona . “It is – explains Paiola – an online restaurant Email Lead with vertical management: from purchase to processing, up to the delivery of the product, we rely on external players. This guarantees a high quality of service. In this period, we are riding the wave given by Covid-19, which has inevitably changed traditional food. In my opinion, the pandemic has accelerated an already existing evolution. The medium range of restaurants will still suffer a severe crisis, while the high end will always remain in vogue because it gives both emotional involvement and an important culinary experience.