The skills of the digital travel agent

Even the figure of the travel agent according to the project by Marabotto and Ruperto, is completely renewed, both because the professional will be present at the corners and because he will have to acquire new digital skills.

“The tour operator – continues Marabotto – must keep pace with the times and with the needs of travellers. An example above all, not waiting for customers in the store during the usual hours, but Bahamas Phone Number List being available on videocall at their favorite times. Do not deliver paper catalogues, but emotional travel itineraries on the web with interactive experiences . His role and that of the organized tourism supply chain will be fundamental for the post-Covid relaunch, because experience and professionalism remain the cornerstones for an insecure traveller, worried and eager to have reliable and timely information”.

The “do-it-yourself”, when organizing a holiday, is full of pitfalls. “To each his own job – Giada agrees – just as the doctor or the lawyer are specialized in their discipline and we turn to them for certain situations, so the (serious) travel agent has studied for a long time and continues to train, also in the field, to provide professional advice on travel”.

The RestartYourTravel method

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Giada Marabotto in her book “A 5-star challenge” (Youcanprint, 2020) reveals to tourism entrepreneurs a method for restarting . It is not just a marketing strategy, but a guide for the reader in search of his own peculiarities, in order to distinguish himself and transform his talents into a starting point for the rebirth of the company. The program consists of five steps.

  • analyze your current situation: strengths and weaknesses, where to start;
  • find your own uniqueness, value proposition to stand out (in English, it is called “unique selling proposition” ). Being a purple cow, as marketing guru Seth Godin puts it ;
  • set achievable goals, with targets and strategy;
  • creating the right marketing mix to reach them, the road to success;
  • to be positive!
“A 5-star challenge” by Giada Marabotto

Can travel and sustainability be combined?

According to Giada Marabotto and Antonella Ruperto, certainly. In Email Lead addition to sharing and security , the third key word for Suite Travel is sustainability . The managers offer slow itineraries, slow tourism, in contact with nature, thanks to outdoor experiences and activities. In agencies, at the same time, the use of paper must be limited in favor of digital.