Jay Conrad Levinson’s guidelines

Levinson’s teachings are still valid today, which can be applied in different contexts, both when sponsoring a brand, product or service, such as music:

  • guerrilla marketing is a tool suitable for those who do not have large budgets;
  • investing in guerrilla marketing is based on time, energy and imagination, rather than money;
  • the action is effective according to the number of new relationships established;
  • we need to forget the competition and focus on how to cooperate with other types of business;
  • guerrilla marketing must always be a combination of different marketing methods;
  • we must use existing technologies as a tool to strengthen communication.

All ideas that allow you to get the maximum result, spending the Bahrain Phone Numbers List minimum. And they are therefore suitable for young artists or for those who are already famous, but want to break the mold to promote music with originality and in synergy with the public.


Antonella Ruperto and Giada Marabotto

The co-branding strategy

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“Our startup – explains Giada Marabotto – was born as a reaction to the crisis , which is affecting all sectors. We are convinced that unity is strength. For this reason, we have decided to involve some Italian bookshops, installing corners to inform and guide customers on the agencies’ programmes”.

Entering the bookshop, in practice, the consumer, who Antonella Ruperto is already used to going around the shelves to choose what to buy, can also stop in front of the travel corner , which will no longer be a simple display of volumes, but will allow him to meet qualified personnel . At the corner you can also find cultural offers and buy tickets for theater performances and concerts.

Travel corner in the bookshop

“Marketing is also this – insists the entrepreneur – two authoritative Email Lead brands are positively infected. Co -branding offers opportunities for both to grow. Bringing together two distinct brands, i.e. a space dedicated to travel within another activity, such as a bookshop, but also a gym or shopping centre, stimulates a virtuous circle . Hence the idea of ​​teaming up with familiar and appreciated brands”.