Listening, reading comments on social networks. Paying attention to sharing and carefully analyzing how users talk about our company is very important.

Stimulating UGC can be another useful strategy to better interpret the needs of your audience. User-generated content about the company – as well as helping fill any gaps in the Switzerland Phone Number List editorial plan – eliminates the creativity block and the big drama of “What am I posting today?” – allow you to understand what people are really looking for in the brand and what they care about.

It’s no secret and it should be repeated: following forums. Blogs and reference newspapers of your target audience, as well as keeping an eye on any influencers in the sector. Are ways to learn to speak the same language as the target.

Create editorial plans B and C

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In a period of great instability like the one we are experiencing. It is probable that we will not be able to follow our. Communication plans perfectly and we will have to re-plan contents and topics .

From stop service communications, for example, to reassurances about keeping products in stock or for sale online. Perhaps we will be able to invent new techniques to communicate the usual in a distinctly unusual way or perhaps to sanctify it definitively.

Creativity and flexibility to communicate during the health crisis

A greater effort of creativity and flexibility is required in this particular historical phase. Probably many have already found themselves writing multiple versions of the same press release. Or event description or rethinking partially or completely the conduct of a social activity.

Drawing up a list of “cushion ” topics and topics, a sort of evergreen Email Lead content that can be spent on various occasions, proves to be particularly useful. Being able to create your own plan B is certainly an excellent strategy , but what these months have taught us is that, sometimes, there is no plan B that holds.

To avoid being completely unprepared and living constantly with anxiety about what will happen. Trying to build your own solid, alternative and valid communication plan in any case is an option.