Don’t overload the text

Remember the rule – in 1 letter place only 1 call to action.  It is advisable to repeat it several times so that the potential buyer concentrates on it. This will make it easier for the client to do what is required of him.


The text of the letter depends on the mailing schedule. If you communicate with subscribers once every 2-3 weeks, you will have to throw out the full amount of information in one letter. Which the future buyer, most likely, will not read to the end.

A lot of text will not lead the client to action, but can only scatter attention, distract from the main thing. The advantage of a series of short emails that are launched for specific promotions is that the client can be prepared step by step for the purchase.

The series works if it gradually leads the buyer to the closing letter where the promotion is offered. But if you bombard the client with mailings, where in each letter there will be “Buy our super product”, this will lead to the opposite result.

Let the offer not be everyday. Come up with not just a promotion, but create an informational occasion on the scale of your market segment. This implies that you yourself are aware of new products and current trends in its development.

Offer a Choice

It is much more pleasant for people to think that no one influences Costa Rica Phone Number List the buying process and they make the decision themselves. Offer several options for a product or service. Thus, the buyer will choose what suits him. At the same time, collect statistics of preferences. This may change your future product and marketing policy.


State the essence in numbers. The person must clearly understand what the advantage of your proposal is for him. And be sure that it is profitable.

Personal appeal

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Write on the button “buy” – this is not enough. Moreover, it is difficult for people to part with money and this word contains a certain psychological barrier.

It would seem what to expect from the button that the customer presses if he is ripe for a purchase. But, it is more comfortable for a person to spend money if the button confirms his desires. Leave “buy” in the past, write on the button “I want this”, “I want to add to cart”, “order with home delivery”.


Think of how to implement the words “I, me, mine, me…” that are pleasant for each person to perceive into a marketing strategy. Forget about the generalizations “we, our, us…” And do not use the passive Email Lead voice “if you are interested”, “let us know if”. Not interested and will not. Use action verbs to persuade a customer to make a purchase decision.

Think about how to show the buyer that the product will help him save money, health, time and beauty. Or other important factors for a person.