Copywriting – in this article we refer in particular to the art of writing on social networks and the importance of monitoring social media – has changed a lot in recent times. There are no more fixed rules France Phone Number List and contents are becoming the only weapon to be able to distinguish oneself in the digital magnum sea. However, the objectives of a copywriter remain quite clear, what changes is how to do it. A good sales writing serves to convert and attract the attention of the final customer , to convince him, from the very first lines, that what he will find in the text is exactly what he needs.

Attention has become our current currency, especially as regards web communication and social networks .

Copywriting trends in 2022

The content

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Content has always been key within copywriting , but in recent years , it has been named the true and only protagonist. Writing to write today no longer works, indeed, it can be detrimental. You need to have knowledge, experience and useful information that you can share with your users. This year the golden rule for any text is to ask yourself: is it useful in any way for my audience? Does it help solve a problem or a certain type of need that my readers care about?

One of the trends that has marked this trend even more has undoubtedly been the success of podcasts . A special way to create content that is ever closer to our recipients. Copy and content are obviously key in creating a podcast You need to structure and write first of all the script , as well as all the material that will be transmitted. What content to focus on? Obviously it depends on the brand identity of the brand. No doubt there will be a lot of talk about technology, gaming and marketing .

Voice searches

As well as a love of podcasts and long, intimate, casual conversations, interest in voice searches is also growing . Many argue that this is the biggest trend in the world of copywriting . Today many people prefer to search for something by voice rather than writing on the search engine. In this case, the copy becomes essential: because a good SEO strategy, therefore based on keywords , is exactly what is needed to build a text that can be found easily, and that responds directly to users’ questions.


Another trend that is spreading in the technological field, and which will impact copywriting, is the use of chatbots . This tool isn’t new to the customer service arena , but it’s been gaining a lot of traction in the last few years. New forms of communication have been created, which involve the use of this Artificial Intelligence .

Automated replies are the most used today by cutting-edge Email Lead companies. To be able to program these answers it is necessary to have a great knowledge of writing , in order to know in advance each question. Furthermore, the most important thing is to make this communication as natural and clear as possible.