We recommend that you use a different internal social media

In the era of social communication, corporate policies cannot avoid regulating the presence of brands on social media.  From a legal point of view, the Social Media Policy is a type of contract, a company We recommend that regulation that provides for a series of disciplinary sanctions for those who do not comply with it and is, as we will elaborate in the following lines, also essential from the point of view of image  and brand reputation.

We can therefore define social media policy as the code China Phone Number List of conduct that governs the relationship on the internet, in particular on  social networks , between the company and its employees or between the company and its external customers.

First of all, it is important to distinguish between two types of social media policies:

  • Internal: Regulate employees’ use of personal social media during work hours
  • External : aimed at employees, customers, influencers, suppliers, collaborators who interface with the company page through their private profiles

We recommend that you use a different internal social media We recommend that policy for each corporate social media. It is important to distinguish between the various channels that present different tones of voice and user targets.

The goal of the Social Media Policy

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The objective of the social media policy is to prevent online Email Lead communication from damaging the company. Its purpose is therefore to protect the corporate brand reputation and, at the same time. Define the methods of interaction with the external community.

The social media policy regulation must be put in writing We recommend that and signed by the managing director, the personnel director, and the union representative . Furthermore. Just like a legal contract active only after it has been signed by all the parties involved. Therefore by employees and collaborators of the company.

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