One of the main objectives of any business is to sell its products or services, something that is not always an easy task, depending on the economic scenario and the performance of the competition. This is where internal sales or inside sales (from within the company) come in, as an efficient sales model capable of enhancing the profitability of the business. However, just structuring an internal sales team is not enough to achieve these results. To ensure more business generated, with high conversion rates, it is necessary that all sales management is focused on results. If your commercial team has a well-established culture of high productivity, it sells more. In a service structure based on the inside sales model , focused on results, some actions are necessary.

First of all: inside selling is not telemarketing

Many people are confuse, but internal sales and telemarketing are different activities within the sales team. While telemarketing works with close scripts , a standardized approach and a prior list of customers, internal sales works with varied channels, personalized service and a segmented public. Generally, the focus of inside sales Nursing Homes Email List is on consultative and complex sales , made from leads generated via inbound (attraction) or outbound (prospecting). Today, thanks to the internet and its tools, it is possible to make contact with the client more comfortable, with remote meetings and presentations, without the need for face-to-face visits – which does not mean that they do not happen eventually. The professionals act as consultants, understanding the “pains” of the client, to serve him in a customize way. helps the consultancy when presenting the product or service in a more complete and accurate way.

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Unlike the script adopte by telemarketing

The one used in internal sales is not so “close”, allowing greater flexibility in use. There are techniques that must be use, in this case, to give quality to the conversation at all levels, from the first contact to the closing . It is important to emphasize that the sales pitch must be adapte from prospecting/pre-sales, so that the script use is not the same as the sales script at the time of negotiation. Most of the internal sales executive’s negotiations Email Lead are carrie out remotely, with rare face-to-face visits, which promotes .