Sales consulting is a service that aims to structure all processes in the commercial area of ​​a company, with a focus on achieving better results. This process consists of a few steps: company diagnosis, data analysis, interviews with the team, creation of an action plan and execution. Therefore, the purpose of commercial consulting is to improve and qualify the sales area, making it a generator of results. If you are reading this article, you probably already know this and recognize the importance of this work. But how to convince the company’s board to approve the hiring? Below, we’ve put together 8 arguments that will make your company’s board of directors look at commercial consulting with different eyes. 8 arguments to convince the board to hire a sales consultancy If you want to convince the board or managers of the company you work for to hire a sales consultant

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Before scheduling the conversation. Make a list of all the flaws that you can already identify in the sales area and all the benefits that consulting can bring to the business. It is important that you are equipped with recent data about the operation – this will make the board understand that you are not there on a whim, but that you have dedicated Pharmacies Email List yourself to studying the case in depth. Discover, below, some arguments that will help you to convince the board of directors to hire a sales consultancy . Consulting is an investment, not an expense. You already know the difference between expenditure and investment — the former does not bring financial return; the second, yes. And sales consulting is undoubtedly considered an investment. After the process, sales results improve and become consistent. In this way, the company can quickly recover the investment made in the consultancy.

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Face-to-face and online courses on the Lean Six Sigma universe and was one of the organizations.That receive consultancy from DNA de Vendas . In an interview with DNA, Paulo Eduardo Nogueira, head of Inside Sales at EDTI, says that. The commercial consultancy was very important and made a total difference, especially for those. Who wanted a fast scalable process : “I think it was worth it. Sometimes we think we know everything, but Email Lead that’s not the case. Having contact with a company that constantly works with this type of activity is a differential. Learning by ourselves, it would take us a year or two to get there; hiring a quality consultant. This process was much faster”, confirms Paulo Eduardo Nogueira. View from an external professional.