YouTube is still one of the most used social networks and there are many sectors, such as food or gaming, but not only that, which can derive great satisfaction from this social network, timeless in its own way. Sure, the harmony and order of the publications can make the difference . There are few tips to memorize to optimize your profile: consistent image and cover and, above all, talking and tidy video thumbnails. Here are the dimensions to use:

  • Profile photo: 800 by 800 px
  • Cover: 2560 by 1440 px
  • Preview video: 1280 by 720 px – 16:9 ratio


Twitter, in its own way, is the highlander of social media. Everyone has given it up for years, but it retains a hard core of the public that uses it constantly and for some niches it can make a difference.

In these cases, it will be necessary to pay attention Argentina Phone Number List to the size of the images to be used both to optimize the profile and to publish:

  • Cover: 1500 by 500 px
  • Profile photo: 400 by 400 px
  • Shared images: 440 by 220 px (min), 1024 by 512 px (max) – 16:9 ratio
  • Tweet images: 1024 by 512 px
  • Twitter link card: 1200 by 628 px


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Launched in 2003, LinkedIn continues to be the reference professional Email Lead social network in Italy. Although globally it does not reach the top ten of the most used ones, it is still a highly populated comparison space and where growth is organic , as long as you know the visual characteristics of a good post on LinkedIn.

  • Company page cover: 1192 by 220 px
  • Image post: 1200 by 627 px
  • Brand logo: 300 by 300 px – 1:1 ratio
  • LinkedIn stories: 1080 by 1920 px, 9:16 ratio