You can do this with a seasonal offer

Between 2017 and 2018, the percentage of consumers who chose only physical stores decreased drastically, from 33% to 16%.
Regarding the device used to buy online, 60% of purchases are made on a mobile phone , 37% on a computer and the remaining 3% on a tablet.
Black Friday deals start earlier and end later and later. In fact, it is estimated that 20% of companies’ annual turnover occurs in the month of November.
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That’s why you need a multichannel communication strategy. It’s not about using as many communication channels as possible at once. It’s about being present on the same channels as your customers so you can find them where they already are.

Create and drive exclusivity

A product launch, or an upcoming event. Making your customers think they’re missing out on something valuable could be just the thing to prompt them to take action.

After Christmas
After the festive hustle and bustle , the January sales arrive. Fortunately, your Christmas SMS marketing campaign was so good this year that you now have a well-stocked database at your disposal. Now you Algeria Phone Number List know that your subscribers want to hear from you so they can be the first to know about your New Year’s products, news, and product launches.

Download your 2024 marketing calendar

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