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Which has been The answers to these questions would help us plan our strategy for the future. Content Well-develop content on a website could be the answer to. The question of why some websites rank higher in search results. A website with many subpages containing lots of. SEO optimiz content will be reward by search engines with higher positions. This is because a certain website responds to a lot of user searches and builds your authority on a certain topic. By looking at how broad your competitor’s content is. You can duce which audience it is creat for, how it is creat.

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Terms of SEO principles, whether they are seo expate bd available to comment, and most importantly – what should be done to gain an advantage on them. You should pay attention if competing websites have a blog section where they publish SEO-optimiz content, increasing the number of keywords for which the website is visible. In the case of blog content, to gain an advantage over a competitor, you should pay attention to niche topics and all those that have not yet receiv a response from competitors. Other subpages worth paying attention to are category and product pages.

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Enrich with content, you know that SEO is one Email Lead of your competitor’s marketing strategies. What to pay attention to when analyzing competitor content? First of all, analyze elements such as: Higher order headings like H , but also lower order headings like H , H or H How your competition enters keywords What is the structure of the URLs? How long is the written content? How are the meta titles and descriptions (maybe the competition writes them in a better way, i.e. have better calls-to-actions, or make better use of keywords) How often are articles publish? To find out more about how to optimize your content, read our article.

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