If you want your website not to load too slowly, it’s time to think about image optimization. This process will give you a better position in search engine rankings and faster loading of images.

Optimizing Images for Seo Improves Site Speed. While Also Positively Impacting. The User Experience. This is One of the Seo Techniques. That Can Significantly. Impact Your Website’s Ranking.

Additionally, if Your Images Rank Well in Google. Image Searches, You May Be Able to Get Organic. Traffic Directly From Them, Which Can Help Increase. Conversions on Your Website

What to Pay Special Attention to as You Advice

Search Engine Optimization is a series of activities aimed at improving the visibility of a given website in organic search results. The goal is to get the highest ranking position possible.

This is a long-term process, not a one-time action. It is divided into Whatsapp Database two parts: on-page SEO (within the technical structure of the website) and off-page (all promotional activities outside it). Image SEO is one of the elements of technical activities on the website. Its goal is to optimize graphics for online positioning.

Modify the test version
In this step, you need to implement any planned changes to the new website. Remember to Use the Test. Version of the Website. For This Purpose.

Why Should You Focus on Image Seo if You Are Still


The first, most basic element of optimization is the right set of words. The name of the image should reflect what is in it. If possible, it is recommended to use keywords and phrases.

Remember that the name should be simple. Do not use spaces, Polish characters Email Lead or numbers – they make communication difficult for both search engine robots and users themselves.

ALT attribute
To put it simply, it is an alternative description of the image that is included in the HTML code on. It is visible to Google robots and is subject to the indexing process.