Well, the names themselves already give us an idea, don’t you think? The term “static” refers to something that does not move and does not perform any activity. On the other hand, interactivity is related to the dialogue between two parties; in this case, the brand and the consumer. The content that you know as interactive, unlike static content, allows the reader to actively participate, favoring their experience .

Instead of Simply Reading

A text without many Middle East Mobile Number List attractions, like so many others, the user has access to moreĀ email database complex pieces that introduce elements to enrich their day. In this way, instead of limiting themselves to reading the text, which can lead to loss of attention, the user interacts with quizzes, videos, images and other pieces that, in addition to supporting and complementing the information in the post, They make it much more interesting.

There is a America Cell Phone Number List Technique

Useful for both personal brands and corporate brands, that is tremendously effective in capturingĀ Email Lead customer attention, differentiating yourself from the competition, and achieving sales. Brands like Clarks, Chanel or The Body Shop put it into practice successfully but not all companies, large or small, do it (well). It is also one of the most underrated tactics. a shame because it ALWAYS works.