Having a web page is not enough to talk about the digitization of a business , for it to be truly successful you need to optimize it and for that it is important that you know the 5 best SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) practices. The experts emphasize that without SEO there is no traffic and they are absolutely right, since if your site does not manage to be positioned in the search engines, you do not exist for the users. According to the specialized site Internet Live Stats , Google processes an average of more than 40,000 searches per second. Traffic is essential for any website to be successful. And for that to be possible, it is important that the content of your web page appears.

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Of your page for search engines helps your site have visibility , enjoy greater credibility and increase confidence in your brand . best practices It is essential to integrate internal and external links in the content that is published on online sites, since it is a practice that Google highly values . In the same way, it is important to optimize the AT&T Email List ┬áspee , since if your page takes time to load, the user leaves. quality content The quality of the content and the user experience are important in digital marketing strategies , in addition to responding to Google’s algorithms, which take into account various aspects, such as crawling relevant pages, important for Googlebot , as well as indexing. . It also takes into account all kinds of information such as the title, description, content, and structured data . And it is that.

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To position itself as an authority in its area. SEO Best Practices Since you have more knowledge of SEO, now we are going to share the 5 best practices, according to the experts. You must take into account that there is an SEO On page and SEO Off page strategy. On Page SEO It is the optimization of the web page, which contemplates the digital content and the technical issue. Off Page SEO This takes into account the external factors. That are taken Email Lead into account for the ranking of the online site . One of the most important is the generation of link building. Which helps web and brand reputation, therefore, in order for you to be successful in your strategies, take these 5 SEO practices into account . 1-Relevant content In addition to a good link structure.