There are various digital marketing strategies that you can apply to your business, one of them is Social Media, which is why it is important that you learn how to prepare a Social Media report . And it is that knowing how to prepare this type of report is essential to know if your Social Media strategy is achieving its objective. If you do not have enough knowledge, it is best that you have the figure of a Community Manager , that is, a specialist in social networks, since one of its most important and complex functions is precisely to make reports. The importance of the Community Manager .

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Social network is different, including the users who follow them, so your campaigns or posts within your Social Media strategy must be directed to your target audience. That is why you must take into account the quantitative and qualitative metrics in each of them, to know if they are meeting the objectives. As we told you, each social network is Antarctic Email List different, that is why in the reports, they must also be carried out separately. Other factors that you can measure have to do with targeting and the generation of engagement , for example, likes, comments or content shared on Facebook . Or it can be the replies, retweets, quotes and favorites on Twitter. On Instagram, the factors to be measure are also different, such as likes, the number of comments, videos and content share, as well as the number of interactions that the posts have .

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Analyzing the metrics that summarize the data that interests you from the various social networks, since the statistics of Instagram. Will not be the same as the one you obtain from Twitter or Facebook. 2-Design the metrics template You can do your social media report in. The free Excel template or in Power Point , in addition, you must have. And know how to identify the tools so that you can collect the data and perform the statistics. The Email Lead tools for your reports For example, Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics or Facebook Insights, to mention a few, from which you will extract the data to analyze and which will be use to prepare the reports. It is important that you fill the template where you make your report with the daily data you obtain.