Imagine yourself in a room, or in a square, or even in a stadium, after announcing some big news. It is possible that some of the people present are talking about you. With enthusiasm? With disappointment? How many are there who are expressing their opinion and how many remain silent?

If in the situation we are imagining, measuring the chatter and Turkey Phone Number List understanding the prevailing mood is almost impossible. All of this becomes achievable online. Listening to conversations about you, your brand or the services you offer. In a nutshell, is sentiment analysis , which is the subject of this article. We are sure that, once you discover it, you won’t want to do without it.

What is sentiment analysis


In more specific terms, sentiment analysis consists of analyzing the interactions between online users in a given context, regarding a given event and, in order for it to be effective, in a defined period of time.

Therefore, it is not a simple numerical collection of posts, comments and other contents about a character, a brand or an initiative, but an observation of the type of sensations and states of mind that the authors they express.

Through software algorithms and classic text analysis tools, as well as data mining and natural language processing techniques , it is possible to define the reaction of the target and place it on a scale that includes positive, negative or neutral reactions. There are also possibilities for further study and even more detailed analyses.

Why is it useful

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Sentiment analysis aims to provide those who do – and those Email Lead who commission. The analysis of a data set of information useful for understanding how people have reacted to something that is important for our brand.

Let’s go back to the initial example. We have just presented our new flagship product on the market, on our social channels and on e-commerce: a backpack made entirely of plant-based fabric. We did everything right. Elaborated our communication strategy, studied the target, identified the right channels. The product is online. And now.