In this case, it can be certified that the use of the system is legal and consequently the company will not have any legal problems. Of course, the worker must give his consent. But normally it will not cause problems, since it is something that benefits you, since the time registration will be much easier for you than having to sign a sheet or having to pass a card, which you can lose or forget at home.

Is the worker’s consent required? As we have indicated above, yes. It is necessary that all workers who are going to submit to this control system give their consent. If they do not accept the system, then the print cannot be collected, because the law would be broken.

There may be some worker who can refuse to give their consent

Remember, with the new law, the data is really Latest Mailing Database sensitive, hence each worker has to give their consent. Can different software be used for time control?

As We Can Read in This Interesting Article by About the Best Time Control Software for Teleworking. There Are Many Companies That Use the Combination of Various Programs to Control Their Workers.

If a Company Has on-site and Teleworking Workers. It May Need Two Programs to Control Them All. Although It is True That There. Are Also Complete Programs. Such as Bizneo That is in Charge of Time Control for All Types of Workers.

To answer the question we have to go to article 6.1 of the LOPD which states the following

Latest Mailing Database

It really is the best option, because it makes saving Email Lead data much easier. But each company will have to evaluate which option best fits what they are looking for. Can a worker refuse to give consent to the company? It is one of the doubts that companies often have.

Consent will not be required when the data refers to the parties to a contract or pre-contract of a business, employment or administration and are necessary for its maintenance or compliance.