beefree . According to the developers of the service – the best editor for creating responsive emails and landing pages for mobile devices.

To make a letter interesting and original, these tools will be enough for you. But, there is no limit to perfection, you can always improve something. To do this, there are a large number of specialized tools, most of which are free.  

Generators, amplifiers and testers of the subject line.

The first thing subscribers see in their mailbox is the subject line. Therefore, your topic should stand out against the background of dozens and hundreds of inbox neighbors, so that the recipient wants to open your mailing list. The following services will help you make the subject line original and memorable:

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WebCanape . Generates subject lines for given keywords. Might give you an interesting idea.

Portent  and Title generator . Services in English. The latter gives immediately 700 options. If you need a subject line in Russian or another language, enter your keywords in English, get headline ideas, and enable page translation. You will definitely find some interesting ideas.

Omnisend . Service in English. Analyzes and makes Norway Phone Number List recommendations for improvement. 

A subject line with original and beautiful fonts will make your letter stand out in the mailbox among hundreds of others. Your newsletters will not be missed.

Where to get and how to use Unicode fonts, see The first thing the article “ How a beautiful font in the subject line will increase the open rate of emails? 

  • Elements that will make your letters more interesting.

emojipedia. A collection of emojis that are easy to add to an email or newsletter subject.
motionmail .Timers that are perfect for limited time offers, sale alerts and events.
Flaticon . Millions of icons in various formats.
Simpoll . Online service for creating surveys. There is a free plan.

Google Forms . Completely free survey service. 

  • Services for creating infographics, screenshots and video instructions.

Visme . A simple and intuitive tool will help you Email Lead transform statistics and numbers into compelling infographics.

infogram . It has it all – beautiful charts, maps, graphics and dashboards. You can also publish content, import data, and animate objects.

Awesome screenshot . A tool for creating screenshots and video instructions from the screen.