Subscribing to a newsletter is the first step for a visitor to your site to make a future purchase. But there is a lot of work between signing up and purchasing your items. And you need to start this work with creating a good first impression about the brand or company. 

The Welcome series of letters perfectly copes with this task. It is she who determines the nature of your future relationship. The welcome series will show how subscribers will react to your letters – open or spam without regret.

How do you start a conversation with new clients? One letter will not be enough here. 

To inspire confidence in new buyers and introduce them to Nigeria Phone Number List your brand, product or service, count on a series of at least 3-4 emails.

By registering on your site or subscribing to your newsletters, subscribers expect a warm welcome. Therefore, welcome emails have a much higher open rate than promotional emails. If you don’t send welcome email chains, you’re missing out on a chance to tell your audience something important. What she actually read.

In this article, we will show you how to create a good welcome email series and show some good examples.  

Identify Key Themes

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Thank you for subscribing in the first message. Ask the new subscriber to confirm their desire to receive emails by clicking the corresponding button or following the link. And tell him what he will receive in the future.

Serpstat in a welcome letter introduces recipients to the tools Email Lead that the service provides and gives 30% and 40% discounts. The letter turned out to be long, but colorful and well structured, so it is easily perceived, despite the large amount of information in it. 

Determine what you want to inform new subscribers about. What is important for them to know about the brand, product or principles of your work. In your next email, include a brief overview, links to helpful articles, or answers to popular questions.