In the world of website and server hosting, choosing the right web server plays a crucial role in determining the performance and security of your online environment. NGINX, a high-performance and efficient web server, has won the trust of IT professionals and developers around the world. In this article we will cover the process of installing and configuring NGINX on a cPanel server . Let’s go? What is NGINX? NGINX is a high – performance web server and load balancer. In simple terms, when you type a website address.

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The browser request to the appropriate server and return the right information so that the website page can be displayed. It is also great at handling many requests at once, efficiently distributing the workload across servers, which is particularly useful for popular sites. Furthermore, NGINX is known for its server resource efficiency, which means Office 365 Email List that it can handle many concurrent requests without overloading the server. These characteristics made NGINX surpass Apache in number of servers that use this system in a recent sample made by W3Techs . Statistics regarding the most used Web Servers in the last 3 years. Since July 01, 2021, NGINX stood .

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Websites to browsers, but they take slightly different approaches. Apache has been a mainstay for a long time, with an emphasis on flexibility and extensible features. On the other hand, NGINX entered the scene with a focus on speed and efficiency. One of the main differences Email Lead between them is the way they handle concurrent requests. Apache uses a thread-per-request model, which means that each request has a separate thread. This can work fine, but in high traffic situations too many threads can exhaust the server’s resources.