In this article we will make a quick guide for you to access the VPS by cell phone in a very simple, practical and safe way! Imagine you need to check functions or do quick tests, but you don’t have access to the main machine? Our step by step guide will help you to solve this problem. In addition, we also indicate some ways to do this safely, as mobile access can be less secure than through the computer. Take advantage of our step by step and clear all your doubts! What is VPS? The acronym VPS comes from the English: Virtual Private Server, that is, Virtual Private Server. This means, in a quick summary, that this hosting is based on virtualization. By splitting a powerful physical server, several other virtual servers are created that are almost as powerful as the original.

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By dividing the physical server performance equally to the virtual ones, memory and resources are reduced to “equalize the performance” . In this way, the user can enjoy the same performance as others using the VPS. Despite sharing physical resources, virtual servers have dedicated mechanisms, such as processing, traffic, disk space and RAM. Thus, each VPS acts Hotmail Email List as a dedicated server, even with less processing power. So, instead of sharing resources with other users, like on a shared server , you have your own isolated virtual space. In addition, in this environment the accounts have administrative access (root) and independent processes , allowing customized configurations. See too: How to restrict access to parts of a website What do I need to access VPS on my cell phone? Even if it is a simple step-by-step, there are some steps that need to be respected to access the VPS on your cell phone.

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The compatibility of your cell phone with the operating system you will use to access the VPS. Some VPS access apps only work on specific operating systems like Android or iOS. So, make sure your device’s operating system is the right one for the app you want to use. For Email Lead example, if you’re using an iPhone, make sure you’re running the iOS-targeted app to ensure compatibility. 2. Access application Choose an access application that works well with your mobile operating system and is suitable for the type of VPS you use. Many VPS providers offer their own applications or suggest options for connecting to the servers. Download and install the appropriate app directly from the app store. For example: if you are using an Android smartphone and a Linux -based VPS , choose an app recommended by the provider or compatible with both platforms, such as “VPS Connect”.