Beyond ranking in the top positions for your commercial Often thesekeywords, there’s often so much opportunity to create and scale informational content. Earlier on, I mentioned the importance of showcasing E-E-A-T. Producing and scaling useful, relevant, and high-quality content is a great way to demonstrate experience, expertise, authority, and trust. You’d also be building up strong associations and topical authority to your niche in the eyes of Google. While this may seem complex, in principle, it’s simple. Let’s say you operate in the toy sector. You can show Google that your business is all about toys by providing useful guides to support your existing e-commerce landing pages.

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Often theseNot only does this build relevant associations and topical authority within your niche in the eyes of Google, but you’ll also be putting your OftenOften these thesebrand in front of potential industry email list future customers too. Another benefit to upper-funnel content is that you can raise brand awareness among potential customers. While they may not be looking to make a direct purchase straight away, you’ll be increasing the chances of them making that purchase with you in the future. In my previous article on fitting SEO into your marketing strategy, I used a kayak store as an example.

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In SEO, it’s easy to forget that it’s not just you going for growth via Google rankings. It’s highly likely that your competitors won’t be standing still. Complacency Email Lead is a big danger. While you’ve slowed down, your competitors could be more active by: Updating existing content. Rolling out fresh content to target rising keywords. Building on their existing backlink profiles. By just standing still, you could soon see your performance “fall backward” in what is a relatively volatile and often competitive channel. Let’s look at the position history for the keyword “life insurance”Often these via Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer as an example.