In th article we will present the most relevant keys that cannot. Msing in next year’s marketing strategies. With just around the corner it time to plan and investigate. New marketing strategies that will lead us to optimize the customer experience. New tools that already emerg in previous years but return with greater strength to adapt to new changes artificial. Intelligence ai artificial intelligence continues to advance with new applications and new developments. That will improve the way brands do marketing. A clear example google which uses artificial intelligence. To tter understand user habits and obtain data that can translat into useful information for companies.

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Therefore ai essential to take into account when optimizing websites for seo. Google multearch the google search engine brings new changes more advanc search results with improv keywords images google lens translations new results cards mobile app development service and a more vual appearance. It essential to have seo positioning tools and carry out research to understand people’s nes. With th the user experience will improve and meet the search expectations of consumers. Video marketing videos continue to popular in marketing strategies. It has en shown that users tend to watch videos continuously.

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For the brand it a fabulous tool to create stories explain the product or service well and reach people’s emotions generating a brand identity in people . Metaverse a recent new concept that increasingly accept by companies ing a great opportunity for Email Lead differentiation and innovation in the virtual world . Podcasts it an opportunity for those brands that wh to position themselves in a new environment and with valuable content through audio. A format that comfortable for the user and provides a good experience. End of cookies the anti-cookie policy here to stay in many sites will eliminate.