Now that you’re inside Pulse and know how it works, let’s quickly see how to publish an article on LinkedIn Pulse . 1º Enter the publishing tool by clicking on Write an article on the home page (as we have seen previously). 2nd Click on the Headline field to write the title of the article. 3º Click in the Write here field to add an image, video, slides, links or fragment to the content of your article. 4º Click on the Publish button , at the top right of the page. You won’t be able to preview content before publishing it. The draft article shows what the published version will look like. You can share your draft article with others before publishing it.

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In the pop-up window top people data that appears, you can add a description of what the article is about and add hashtags to reach an interested audience. Then, click Publish (as seen in the image below. Icon to continue editing the article. Button to publish content on linkedin. And now you have it. Your first article on Pulse Linkedin . Now your article becomes part of your professional profile. When someone visits your LinkedIn profile and clicks on view. Your Activity , they will see an Articles tab. That is where all the content you have written on LinkedIn Pulse will be. Where you will find your articles on LK Infographic. What is LinkedIn Pulse and how to publish an article on LinkedIn infographic .

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