How important are colors ? How important are white spaces ? How much does the rule of proportions affect the effectiveness of the message? To talk about more advanced topics: what is the most effective way to eliminate a flaw or mark on a moving object in a video clip ? How to animate a character with human-like movements? How to adjust the color of a video to convey emotions? All these questions are the subject of the on-the-job training offered by espero teachers. The laboratory allows you to technically create graphics and video editing  . But also to delve deeper into the strategic values of each marketing and communication creation.


Complete graphics and video editing course

 We want to emphasize technological innovations but also the country email list optimization of creative workflows. Complete graphics and video editing course here are the programs we have studied for the training of creatives a) the courses included in group a (a1 . A2 . A3 . A4 . A5 . A7 . A8) concern topics related to individual programs (legend: ps=photoshop . Ill=illustrator . Ind=indesign . Pr=premiere . Ae= after effects . Xd=experience design . Ux=user experience . Ui=user interface). For the video part . All the relevant courses with the blackmagic design programs are also available (in particular davinci and fusion) b) the courses included in group b (b1 . B2 . B3 . B4 . B5 . B6 . B7) concern topics related to some professional figures in the world of creativity .


Exports and other graphic workflows

Layers and all the tools for professional use Email Lead of the program (16 hours) intermediate : contours . Photo editing . Color . Exports and other graphic workflows (16 hours) advanced/specializations : animations with photoshop: gif . Cinemagraph . Stop motion (8 hours) monstrous editing with photoshop: advanced photomontages with selection and contour techniques (16 hours) portrait retouch : skin defect correction . Frequency separation . Dodge and burn technique (16 hours) a. 2) adobe illustrator basic : paths . Layers . Clipping mask . Color and other tools for professional use (16 hours) intermediate : blends . Blends . Repetitions . Exports and flows to illustrate in print and digital (16 hours) advanced/specializations: geometric design with grids . Isometric grid . Mesh  . Pattern design (16 hours) all about illustrator patterns and brushes (24 hours) a.