Professional text treatment and tools to create simple layouts (16 hours) intermediate : advanced layout . Typography . Imports . Exports and editorial workflows (16 hours) advanced/specializations: epub creation and fluid layouts  . Adaptable to different media (16 hours) automation from indesign on a database: automatic layout through the use of xml (32 hours) a. 4) adobe premiere basic : selection . Video editing . Effects optimization . Exports and professional editing tools (16 hours) intermediate : optimization of quantity/speed of video material . Language and video editing techniques (16 hours) advanced/specializations: advanced color correction with premiere on log and raw (8 hours) workflow optimization: automation of repetitive actions . Multilingual project management (8 hours) a.


Integrated animation plugin

Animation using curves . Keyframes and tools for professional email List effects (16 hours) intermediate : motion and speed management . Integrated animation plugin (16 hours) advanced/specializations: motion graphics “light”: creation of ready-to-use templates . Lottie files  . Bodymoving (8 hours) 3d object management: with cinema 4d lite included in the cc (16 hours) stop motion : simulation of craftsmanship . Expressions and procedural movement manipulation (12 hours) tracking : replacement and deletion of objects (8 hours) rotoscoping : 


Management of qualitative and quantitative corporate

 Use of kits and templates for professional Email Lead prototype design (16 hours) intermediate : best practices . Prototyping  . Testing  . Import/export and design flows (16 hours) advanced/specializations: ux/ui approach and method with focus on ecommerce . Technical/strategic study (16 hours) user research : management of qualitative and quantitative corporate ux research (16 hours) a.7) adobe substance adobe substance modeler : modeling 3d objects (8 hours) adobe substance painter: paint over previously imported 3d objects (8 hours) adobe substance sampler : apply textures from photographs to previously imported 3d objects (8 hours) adobe substance stager : manage previously imported 3d objects and assemble 3d scenes (8 hours) a.