Netology gives a gift certificate for 5,000 rubles and indicates the limit of its use.

And he makes an offer from which it is impossible to refuse – all discounts on promotions are summed up!

Everything at Make Up is structured, beautiful and Chile Phone Number List clear. The email begins with a message that shipping is free, followed by a link to over 300 brands with discounts. Below are advertisements for individual products and brands.

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Christmas newsletters

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The advent of the New Year does not mean the end of the holiday marketing campaign. Make the next targeted blow to the wallets of subscribers at Christmas. And this blow must be thoughtful. Your actions in the first half of January will make a difference for the whole year.

First of all, take as a basis the goods already purchased. In Christmas letters, additional discounts will be appropriate for customers who have purchased goods for New Year’s promotions. And pay attention to the positions that have been viewed. Perhaps in the rush of offers, buyers forgot about them. A reminder of the viewed products, gives an additional chance to purchase them.

Coach Igor Obukhovsky offers the most necessary product after the holidays – to return the waist and cubes to their place. We are sure that you also have products that will help restore the working rhythm.

4. Limit the duration of promotions. Help First of all take as buyers quickly make a decision and make a purchase. Don’t give yourself time to recover. Take it while they are warm. There are many offers during this period. Buyers easily switch to other mailing lists. The time limit gives an incentive to immediately purchase the goods you like.

5. Make a really good offer. New Year’s promotions are an additional Email Lead opportunity to convert new followers to your faith and increase the loyalty of existing ones. Think about how to interest the product even more buyers. Some repeat Black Friday. Others give a huge discount on just one product to paint an attractive number in the letter, and give small discounts on other products.