And if that’s not enough? Here is the Competitive Intelligence

To get an edge you need to go further with Competitive Intelligence .
This consists in monitoring , collecting and analyzing data external to the company, to study the choices and behaviors of the main competitors in the reference sector and implement more effective strategies for one’s positioning.
But Competitive Intelligence is not limited to simple monitoring. In fact, it also extends the search to customers (current and potential) and to the technological and regulatory context of the market of interest.
The ultimate benefit is to anticipate changes in your Germany Phone Number List industry, so you don’t have to adapt once the changes have already occurred.
ThereCompetitive Intelligence integrates data from different sources, both online and offline, with a multi-channel approach, and creates further value by linking even very different types of data.

Phases of Competitive Intelligence

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A Competitive Intelligence project normally consists of these phases:

  • Definition of the project objectives, possible final results and integration between the various data and their sources
  • Collection of information external to the company on which to base the analysis , such as competitors of interest and main sources
  • Real analysis , also with the help of AI and Machine Learning
  • Creation of operational actions, such as a marketing or editorial plan based on the results of the analysis
  • Presentation of the final results in an intuitive and navigable way for everyone

Doing everything yourself, however, can be complicated.
This is why it is more advantageous for companies to contact Email Lead expert companies in the field of Competitive Intelligence, such as L’Eco della Stampa , to ensure a detailed and complete analysis , a qualified reading list on which to base web monitoring activities and easily results consultable, which will translate into more certain benefits for your business.