Now, when someone talks about searching for something on the internet, you automatically think of the Google homepage. McDonald’s . Everyone knows McDonald’s doesn’t serve the best food. It doesn’t change the fact that people still choose to eat here instead of any other restaurant. McDonald’s branding is so effective because it offers its customers a sense of security. Each of us feels safe knowing exactly what we are buying, regardless of which restaurant belonging to the chain we buy a burger and fries from. Image building IBM. Do you even know what exactly IBM does.

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If you ask random passers-by, they’ll probably have trouble answering as well. The vast majority of them, however, have probably heard of the company. IBM has done a great job of focusing its branding specifically on its target market database Facebook. If Mark Zuckerberg had opene the doors of Facebook to the whole world right away, we would probably still be using Our Classroom. The creator of this social network deliberately slowly develope the brand. By restricting access to Facebook, he made people talk about it and everyone desperately wante to sign up for it. Toyota . When people think of a Toyota, they expect an affordable and reliable car with cheap spare parts.


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The company knew, however, that this would not allow it to stay at the forefront of car manufacturers forever. Looking at the prospective market, they began to produce hybrid cars. Today, they sell more than any other hybrid manufacturer. Toyota Email Lead has base its corporate image on promoting itself as an environmentally friendly brand. Samsung . While Samsung has a rich history, its fame only blossome in full splendor when it began to base the company’s image on itself by labeling itself anti-Apple. Most people who hate Apple want an Android phone. Samsung is the leader when it comes to smartphones and tablets with this operating system. Currently, the brand is considere the main rival of Apple.